Location: London, UK

    Time: 2015.

    Category: MA School Work


    The project is to discuss the relationship between the mass products and handcrafted products. The traditional IKEA round stool has been challenged to redesign here. One of the form of timber, “obsolescence”, has been selected in the casual renovated materials. The timber pile used to be regarded as waste by workers. The main theme is to discuss how to recycle the material, and how to make people recognize its beauty again. The gap has been applied as the connection between old and new, highlighting the status of the materials intervened later. Given the visual balance, one of the legs of the stool has been redesigned in transparent acrylic. The subtle boundary has been created in the space by the transparent material, meanwhile it has broken the well-organized sense of the existing design. The novelty to the asymmetric and the contrast between the old and new materials, all have added the feelings of freshness to the “ordinary” stool. In the meantime, the recycling of the timber waste has led to a further deeper discussion to the “value” by the project itself.